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Challenging gender bias
in hiring and employment processes
across Jewish organizational life
to help women and people of all genders rise to positions of leadership.

Open Salary Spreadsheet

Our Open Salary Spreadsheet invites contributions from the field, data shared by full-time employees across the North American Jewish communal workforce. Sharing salary and benefits data lifts up the power of transparency and builds a culture of trust and participatory community, as it works to create pay equity and narrow wage gaps. In doing this work, we hand the tools of transparency to Jewish communal professionals.   

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Learn more about how to advocate for salary range transparency, why salary range transparency is a vital first step toward pay equity, and gather helpful resources from our Salary Range Transparency Toolkit as you work on this vital equity issue. 

This page is being updated to reflect changes in local and state laws. Stay tuned.


Learning is at the core of our work. We work with a coalition of the willing, courageous folks who are noticing and ready for change. In community, we explore our own readiness for the work of challenging bias, tell stories of our own experiences with inequity, power, and privilege in the world and at work, and actively review artifacts, processes, and texts that may illuminate bias and equity across our workplace and professional community as we dive deeply into the strategies and tactics that make gender equitable workplaces possible. 


Salary Range Transparency




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