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Working to remove gender bias from hiring and employment processes in Jewish organizational life to help women rise to positions of leadership.


  • An Invitation To Transparency: Reflections on an Open Salary Spreadsheet
    via Zoom
  • The Op Ed Project: For Jewish Communal Professionals
    Links provided upon registration
  • Reshaping the Jewish Workplace: What We're Learning from this Moment
    Via Zoom: Link upon registration
  • Gender Equity Advocates Book Club Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women a Movement Forgot (3 sessions)
    Zoom link will be provided in advance
  • Negotiation: Ask for It with GEiHP (6)
  • Gender Equity Advocates Book Club Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies For Women In The Workplace (3 sessions)
    Zoom link will be provided in advance


In order for the change we seek to become embedded in our communal organizations and our individual actions, we dig deeply into cultures of bias and build our capacity–both individual and organizational–to recognize, mitigate and correct these biases as we build support systems to align hiring and employment practices with our Jewish values of equality and fairness.



We learn in order to act, engage in collective and individual action to make change, and support others as we lift our voices to become advocates as we make change together.





We believe in the power of network and support. When two come together, we are stronger than when we are alone, and when we form partnerships and coalitions, we develop the powerful relationships that enable us to gather data, engage in research, experiment together and leverage what we have learned to do the work of making change.



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