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Gender Equity in Hiring Project learning session

Welcome to the

Challenging gender bias
in hiring and employment processes
across Jewish organizational life
to help women and people of all genders rise to positions of leadership.



No upcoming events at the moment

Salary Range Transparency

Learn more about how to advocate for salary range transparency, why salary range transparency is a vital first step toward pay equity, and gather helpful resources from our Salary Range Transparency Toolkit as you work on this vital equity issue. 

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Open Salary Spreadsheet

The next iteration of our Spreadsheet will be launched in Spring 2022. Stay tuned for more information. 


We are grateful for your willingness to share in this experiment. We recognize that transparency is at the heart of what we all seek--and that striving for transparency in our organizational processes and in our conversations with one another is at the foundation of this work.

Making Change


Our work is to support you as you strive for equity. The leadership and talent pipeline is being strengthened every day, but it needs your support--and ours. We are here to make this happen, with you, and serve as catalysts as we together build our movement for change. 



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