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It's on our minds always. Are we getting what we need?  Are we recognized and appreciated? Are we underpaid, underappreciated, undervalued, and passed over?


When it comes time to speak up for yourself and to negotiate, the biases that affect women and non-binary people in the workplace often become starkly visible and may stop you from speaking with your full voice. Those biases–the ones that have led to the glass ceiling, the gender wage gap, the broken leadership pipeline or career rung– are still everyday shaping the way you work. It’s time to negotiate. It’s time to use your voice. 


Negotiation isn’t just about earning more. It’s about shifting the way you navigate your workplace and your work relationships, too. By negotiating, you will uncover a whole host of other benefits. If you learn to proactively navigate your career and negotiate your salary, there are a host of other benefits, from demonstrating your value to others, amplifying your voice and increasing your impact, too. Now is the time to notice gender bias and implicit bias, to use what you’ve noticed and shift the way you negotiate, all while strengthening your confidence that you bring unique value to our work and to our field.  

Who is this for?


This is for everyone. Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve and polish their negotiation skills, and to develop their capacity to identify and articulate their value. It’s also ideal…

  • If you're searching for a new position and want to make sure your negotiation skills position you to your best advantage

  • If you are negotiating a new contract (in a current or new role) or moving into a new position and negotiating terms

  • If you'll be serving as a mediator or negotiator for others

  • If you supervise others who will be negotiating and you'd like to support them

  • If you recognize that negotiation is a vital tool in your work and you're looking to improve overall

We happen to think this is great for everyone. But we're biased!


  • Develop your voice and new skills with colleagues and peers in our Ask For It Negotiation Workshops

  • Deepen your capacity to refine your negotiation strategy, or​ work on a specific short or longer-term negotiation challenge in a one-on-one Coaching engagement

  • Dive deeply into a focused or specific question or begin preliminary data-gathering, benchmarking and analysis ​in a Consultation


You know your value. Now it's time to articulate that value to others. We're here to be your partner, support you and help you get what you want and what you need on that journey. If you're looking to develop your strategy, reflect on personal, private or confidential questions, or explore particular issues, coaching or consultation may be right for you. 

Negotiate your salary and contract based on your own unique need

Coaching is right for you to

  • Deepen skills you've developed in our Ask For It Negotiation Workshops 

  • Refine your negotiation strategy

  • Work on a short or longer-term negotiation challenge

  • Begin a preliminary data-gathering, benchmarking and analysis process

  • Address a particular negotiation challenge


  • Participation in an Ask For It Negotiation Workshop is NOT required. 

  • Rates begin at $225. Multi-session packages are also available.

  • Book a session according to your schedule.


Harness your unique value and cultivate a new skillset as you rise

  • Our process identifies the inspiring and powerful value you bring to your work, and uses that value and helpful data to begin your negotiations. We negotiate every day, in work and at play: negotiation is about value and recognition, not just money.

  • We bring together tools and skills gathered from across the nonprofit world and from feminist negotiators, and engage our negotiators in dialogue and practice.


  • Small group support, typically limited to 6-12

  • Workshops are 3 hours long.

  • Most workshops are virtual.

  • Sessions offered monthly.

  • We invite participants to bring their personal negotiation. challenges to our workshops; if you require additional personalized support, we recommend one-on-one coaching.


Access wisdom to solve your negotiation challenges

A Consultation is for you if...

  • You are a previous participant in a Negotiation workshop or coaching client who would like specific support

  • You are engaged in preliminary data-gathering, benchmarking or analysis 

  • You have a specific negotiation question that will benefit from expert advice

  • You are an experienced negotiator looking to clarify and plan strategy


  • Participation in an Ask For It Negotiation Workshop is NOT required. 

  • Rates begin at $225. Multi-session packages are also available.

  • Book a session according to your schedule.


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