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Salary negotiation.

Negotiation of contracts.

Negotiation of any kind. 

With any colleague, in any situation.


It's on our minds always, as a place for us to grow, as a place for us to notice gender bias and implicit bias overall, and as a place for us to strengthen our own confidence that we bring unique value to our work and to our field.  We want to protect our interests, and at the same time we are balancing an awareness that the world is changing around us. 

Together, we'll explore a process for identifying the unique, inspiring and powerful value you bring you your work, and using that value and helpful data to begin your negotiations. While negotiation is in some cases about money and salary increase, it's also about appreciation and recognition, for your employers and for you, and we'll think about both. We'll bring together tools and skills gathered from across the not for profit world and from feminist negotiators, from the business world and from advocates who engage in negotiation with Fortune-500 companies and major universities, grounded in data. 

We invite you to bring your personal negotiation dilemmas to our session.


Who is this for?


This is for everyone. Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve and polish their negotiation skills, and to develop their capacity to identify and articulate their value. 

Also ideal...

  • If you're searching for a new position and want to make sure your negotiation skills position you to your best advantage

  • If you are negotiating a new contract (in a current or new role) or moving into a new position and negotiating terms

  • If you'll be serving as a mediator or negotiator for others

  • If you supervise others who will be negotiating and you'd like to support them

  • If you recognize that negotiation is a vital tool in your work and you're looking to improve overall

We happen to think this is great for everyone. But we're biased!!

Complementary 30 minute Coaching Session


For participants in our public workshops, this session includes a complimentary one-on-one 30 minute coaching session, following this workshop, with session facilitator (and our CEO) Sara Shapiro-Plevan. We believe that this session helps to anchor your learning and root your own personal questions in our practice, help you to develop specific and helpful language, and develop a plan for your negotiation. Please feel free to bring your personal negotiation dilemmas to our session. These sessions are booked following participation in our workshop (a calendar link will be shared upon completion of the workshop).

For those who participate in a private workshop booked through an organization, please contact your host for more information.


More Details

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Ask For It Workshop


Take the skills you've developed In our ASK FOR IT Negotiation Workshops and deepen them as you negotiate your own salary, contract or package, refine a negotiation strategy or even take the first steps to begin a research process.


You know your value. Now it's time to articulate that value to others. We're here to be your partner, support you and help you get what you want and what you need on that journey.


  • Our one-on-one sessions are available for members of our Gender Equity Advocates Network and those who have participated in our Ask For It Negotiation Workshops

  • Rates for a 75 minute session begin at $175

  • Reduced rates for those who are currently unemployed are available

  • If you are not a member of our Network, please feel free to be in touch to discuss availability


Design and execute your strategy


How to analyze the field, gather data and engage in benchmarking


Negotiate your salary and contract based on your own unique need


You know your value. Now articulate it in a way that positions you for negotiation success.

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Our individual or multi-part workshops help groups and teams understand their orientation to these big ideas, and how they interact with hiring and employment processes 

Changing our mindsets and changing our practice through deep reflection and practice. Individualized workshops designed for your organization, team or community.

as a value
as a skill

Our work with negotiation begins with locating negotiation in the value of relationships and social connection, and moves on to skill building. Releasing ourselves from gendered assumptions about negotiation enables us to become gifted negotiators.

We can  uniquely tailor our signature workshop and other learning to your organizational needs.


  • Dec 12, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST
    Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL, USA
    We invite you to become a Gender Equity Advocate, working together toward equal, unbiased hiring & employment processes, language & behaviors in Jewish workplaces, building organizational capacity for gender equity. Priority spots for those from Palm Beach, Broward, Dade Counties.
  • Dec 18, 12:30 PM EST – Dec 19, 12:30 PM EST
    Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL, USA
    You're worth it. We begin with naming and leveraging your value and experience to ask for what you need and what you're worth in negotiations at work. We take a relational approach, supporting folks at work and in life to get the help they need to negotiate expertly.