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Your gift makes our work to challenge gender bias in hiring and employment processes in Jewish organizational life possible. 

Together, we will help women and people of all genders rise to positions of leadership in the Jewish community.   

Your donation enables us to:


Cultivate and grow networks of volunteers to lift up their voices and make change, through working groups and advocacy projects


Empower male allies and partners to join our work, to use their privilege to create opportunities for others, and to break down and break apart the stereotypes and systems that perpetuate gender bias in our Jewish workplaces

Develop organizations' capacity to do the challenging work of making change through coaching, consultation, and support, on the journey toward equitable workplaces aligned with our Jewish values of equality and fairness.

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Collect data to drive change. In order to create the future we hope to see, we collect data on hiring trends, on salaries, and on a wide variety of other employment issues, as we support a communal shift toward transparency.


Collaborate with other Jewish feminist organizations working to amplify the voices of girls and women as we all strive to advance gender equity


Collect and share trends, data and research on gender equity in hiring and employment. Our work is directly shaped by the world around us, steeped in ongoing learning.


Write and publish op-eds, articles and research, driving equitable change across the Jewish community, specifically on hiring and employment issues and on wider issues linked to gender equity


We appreciate your generous support in any amount. 

Here's the difference your contribution can make.

$36 - Friend 

Perhaps the data we've gathered benefitted you, or a colleague. Perhaps you used something you've learned from us to help you to advance, or to negotiate, or to make a decision. Join our circle of friends advancing this vital work with your contribution. 

$72 - Support-her

Honors a female-identifying colleague who is celebrating a promotion, a new position, an award or some other exceptional achievement. Consider a gift to Gender Equity in Hiring Project in her honor, to support her

$118 - Champion 

Sponsors 50% of the cost of one Jewish communal professional to learn how to negotiate her salary and contract in our Ask for It Workshops.

$180 - Advocate

Sponsors 50% of the cost of one Jewish communal professional to participate In our Gender Equity Advocates Workshop and Training.


$250 - Partner

Underwrites the cost of a hiring and employment coaching session for women returning to the workforce after time as caregivers or after a period of unemployment.

$500 - Sponsor

Supports our Gender Equity Advocates Network as they support one another and as they emerge as the leaders we seek to grow our work.

$1000  - Ally

By choosing to stand with and for us, and by taking the tangible step to disrupt and mitigate gender bias, you ally. You aren't just an ally, you understand that showing up and being present with your words and your actions make all the difference. 

If you prefer to pay by check:

Checks can be made out to "Jewish Jumpstart" 

with "FBO GEiHP" in the memo line (FBO=For Benefit Of)

Please mail all checks directly to us at:

The Gender Equity in Hiring Project

800 West End Avenue

Suite 2A

New York, NY 10025

We are currently migrating our website to a new platform and are unable to accept web-based donations. We will be able to do so very soon. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us at

All charitable contributions to The Gender Equity in Hiring Project (GEiHP) are fully tax-deductible. 

GEiHP is a fiscally sponsored project of Beloved Garden, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

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