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When we see gender inequities across the Jewish community, we’re ever more prepared to call them out. Panels with no female contributors? Quoting only male experts in a talk? No.

But yet, as we hire, retain, advance and in difficult times, even terminate employees, we still allow our biases to pervade the process.

Let’s align our organizational values with our Jewish values.

Let’s examine our implicit biases.

Let’s deliberately design for diversity and equity.

Let’s stop accepting the way it’s always been done. 

We believe that employment processes--hiring, advancement, talent management and workplace culture as well--that are more gender-equitable will help organizations help women rise to positions of leadership and enable them to hire the best candidates at the same time. We believe that this will help people of all genders to rise, to be seen as their full selves, and appreciated for the wholeness of their being. 

Let's design the resources we need to identify the diverse talent and leadership that will lead our Jewish community forward. And at the same time, let's work together to create equitable, just workplaces that will strive to recognize the wholeness of each person and help us, and our community, to flourish. 

We believe that we can learn, together. 


We believe that shifts in mindset mean that even if you're not there yet, we can help you learn, and to access the resources, the language, and the support network that will get you there. 

We believe that you can join us to access, design, and create the tools that our community needs to create the equitable workplaces we seek. 

Let's do this together. Join us to learn how. 



Our Approach to Equity: Equitable Fees

Because our work is rooted in equity as a value, we bring an equity lens to our payment and fees as well. We believe that equity is about giving people what they need, in order to make things fair. The concept of equity is synonymous with fairness and justice. Here, we can use equity to build a system of trusting each other to pay what they can, to be willing to give and to receive, and to see all of us as one whole, working together to build a more equitable world.

We learn from the work of and their efforts to dismantle white supremacist systems and shift conditions for historically marginalized groups. For more information about their approach, visit their website:

 When choosing your pricepoint, please take into consideration both your income and your wealth (see the above link for more information) as you make this decision, and the resources that your supporting organization may be contributing to this work as well. 

  • BALANCE:  This price point is what we consider a balanced exchange for the experience, learning, and resources we're creating.   Our Balance rate represents the true cost of our work, at which we break even after paying our expenses and are able to pay our facilitators. 

  • SUSTAIN and GROW:  If you (and/or your employer) are able to offer more to help keep this work accessible and equitable so that others can participate and we can continue to grow, please choose this price point. In doing so, you sustain our work and the ability of others to participate without having to ask.  We consider this ‘paying your fair share’ for those individuals and organizations who may have structural advantage and access to wealth.

  • SUPPORT:  If your participation requires a partial scholarship, please select this price point. Our Support rate is for individuals only, and for those are have made a determination that support is required for them to participate. 

If these rates are inaccessible to you for any reason, please reach out to us. 

Fees for our Gender Equity Advocates Workshop & Seminar includes all materials and e-access to our resources, and a lifetime membership in our Network, as well as discounts on future programming. 

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