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Across our community, we see powerful steps toward change. We see individuals stepping forth, noticing gender inequities and calling them out. We see organizations working internally and externally on their processes, policies and workplace culture. We see small steps forward–and big strides, too. We are here to support you and serve as catalysts as we together build our movement for change. 


We are here to support you and your organization as you identify your goals, hopes and dreams. Let's partner to change the system, not to change women; to dismantle bias, seek equity, and to bring feminist principles and values to bear on your work. 

Our multi-part workshops help groups and teams develop equitable hiring processes from start to finish, or to review components of their hiring on the journey toward equity. From the constitution of a hiring committee to job postings to job descriptions and the offer to a candidate, these workshops will offer concrete tools for your organization. 

Changing our mindsets and changing our practice through deep reflection and practice. This workshop series is designed for your organization, team, or community, typically those who are among the coalition of the willing and eager for change. This is not traditional implicit bias learning, but a series of ongoing work designed to develop shared language and understandings anchored in practice. 

as a value
as a skill

Our work with negotiation begins with the value of relationships and social connection, and moves on to skill building. Releasing ourselves from gendered assumptions about negotiation enables us to become gifted negotiators. We offer both our signature Ask For It Negotiation Workshops in community and for groups, and workshops on the value and use of negotiation as advocacy tool and workplace strategy. 


Communities of male identified professionals gather for deep reflective work in facilitated conversation and learning to consider their roles and responsibilities as allies, partners and advocates. In relationship with colleagues, they develop shared language and shift behaviors and attitudes toward ​both personal and communal change, developing skills that enable them to effectively speak up and speak out when they see inequities and bias at work.


We can offer specific consultations on a wide variety of issues, including

  • equitable hiring processes, from gender bias in job descriptions to negotiating strategies to interview design, from constituting hiring committees to negotiating offers

  • implicit bias learning workshops, specific bias-related concerns and supporting mindset shifts on the job

  • negotiation and salary negotiation for both employees and employers

  • compensation audits, salary banding and compensation philosophies for small organizations

  • shifting toward salary range transparency

  • men as allies in the workplace, and cultivating a culture of allyship and partnership at work

  • and your specific concerns

CEO hiring



As we approach our work through an organizational change frame, we begin with support of Jewish workplaces as the ideal place to begin change in employment processes. We look forward to speaking with you about concerns that may range from the specific to the holistic, and partnering with you to address and design specific solutions.

Consultations begin with an initial dialogue and needs assessment.

We are pleased to consider proposals for projects to support your work, and invite you to be in touch to discuss a scope of work and budget. We apply our Equitable Fee Structure to our organizational work as well. 



We are now able to offer a small number of individual consultations for employees and those seeking employment. While our work begins from an organizational change frame, we recognize that we may be able to offer support and guidance for individuals as they move through hiring processes or problem-solve around specific employment and workplace challenges.


One-on-One Coaching

We also offer ongoing coaching for individuals who are engaged in a job search. Weaving networks of support, identifying biases (our own and potential employers) and targeted support around negotiation, among other components of a job search, will offer job-seekers a chance to maximize their potential and advocate for equity in the process. 

Negotiation, Continued

For those who would like to continue to build their negotiation skills after having taken our Ask For It: Negotiation Workshop, or those who require support with a specific situation, we are pleased to offer individual negotiation coaching tailored to the specific challenges you face, and supporting you as you express your value. 

Coaching begins with a one-hour session, at a rate of $200/hour.

We are pleased to offer discounts for multi-session packages. 


We invite your inquiries and your partnership as we advance this work. Our work is designed with each client in mind, according to your needs. So too are our fees. Learn more here.

Questions? Contact us at or by using the form below.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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