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Best Bets for Interviewing From Seasoned Interviewers: Interviewing Recommendations for Job Seekers

Compiled by The Gender Equity Advocates Network

Longer-than-ever, more extensive and involved hiring processes. Layoffs, even where the unemployment rate is the lowest in years. The way we work is at odds with the kind of work we aspire to do and our workplaces are increasingly places of growing discontent, with an integrity gap between the way we aspire to be, and the kind of culture we’re creating. The work itself is meaningful, but the way we are building our workplaces, and welcoming employees into our workplaces, creates this powerful integrity gap. On one hand, we need to craft more effective boundaries between life and work. On the other, we want to create a more realistic work-life dynamic, shaping our workplaces into healthier, safer and more respectful spaces that enable us to flourish as people. We’ve moved past the Great Resignation (or the Great Attrition) into a new phase when the workplace and the job market is still not quite sure what it will be: we’re awaiting a sense of stability. Jobs are open, and folks are looking for new positions: everyone is seeking the right match, positions that can help them (both employers and employees) to grow, that have equitable, supportive and flexible workplace policies, with benefits that are comprehensive and competitive. And when interviewing, prospective employees are savvy, careful and looking for the best match possible.

Does any of this sound familiar? This may be you. Are you looking for a new position? Planning your next move? You’re likely doing so in a thoughtful, reflective process, gathering data and carefully examining and evaluating your options. And for the employers reading this, you may be interviewing candidates for a position and doing so in an equally thoughtful way. No matter what side of this process you represent, you want to approach your hiring process in a way that embraces and telegraphs equity.

Over the next six weeks, we’re going to share 3 tips each week to improve the interview experience for prospective employees. What helps you to show your best self to a prospective employer? We know, though, that employers will read this too–so we want them to read this and to take that process seriously, with an equity lens? Remember that this is a competitive market on all sides, and we all need to make sure we’re ready. Let’s do some of that work together. The good news is that interviewing is something under your control; it’s a skill you can learn, whether you are looking for a position or are hiring. Now let’s get started!


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