WE’RE CHANGING. When we see gender inequities across the Jewish community, we’re ever more prepared to call them out. Panels with no female contributors? Quoting only male experts in a talk? No. But yet, as we hire, retain, advance and in difficult times, even terminate employees, we still allow gender bias to pervade the process.

Let’s align our organizational values with our Jewish values.

Let’s examine our implicit biases.

Let’s deliberately design for diversity and equity.

Let’s stop accepting the way it’s always been done. 

We believe that hiring and employment processes that are more gender-equitable will help organizations help women rise to positions of leadership and enable them to hire the best candidates at the same time.

Our Gender Equity Advocates will spend time immersing themselves in a variety of employment processes, considering how organizations prepare, interview candidates and offer positions, as well as how they retain and advance employees, negotiate salaries, and even furlough and terminate employees.  


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Our Gender Equity Advocates are individual professionals and lay leaders fundamental to the success of their organizations and communities, embedded in their Jewish community as this work is done within their current roles, represent a diverse assembly of Jewish communal professionals and volunteer lay leaders, prepared to serve as advocates for gender-equitable and unbiased processes, language and behaviors, interested in and positioned to build organizational capacity.

All participants in our programs, learning and advocacy efforts embody the above values as well. We welcome those who are curious, passionate and eager to learn, within their current professional and/or volunteer roles, as we dive deeply into this work. 

We especially welcome participation from minority and marginalized communities inside our larger Jewish community.



All of our Gender Equity Advocates Workshops are now virtual.

Workshops are 5 sessions of 3 hours each, over the course of 5 weeks. 

All who complete our Gender Equity Advocates Workshops are welcomed as full members of our Network following the completion of this training. Learn more about our Network here. 

Nominate a colleague!   We encourage nominations: please feel free to share this with others who will benefit from being a part of this work.

Fees includes all materials and e-access to our resources, and a lifetime membership in our Network, as well as discounts on future programming.

Financial assistance is available: see below. 

Our Approach to Equity: Equitable Fees

Because our work is rooted in equity as a value, we bring an equity lens to our payment and fees as well. We believe that equity is about giving people what they need, in order to make things fair. The concept of equity is synonymous with fairness and justice. Here, we can use equity to build a system of trusting each other to pay what they can, to be willing to give and to receive, and to see all of us as one whole, working together to build a more equitable world.

  • BALANCE:  This price point is what we consider a balanced exchange for the experience, learning, and resources we're creating.   

  • SUSTAIN and GROW:  If you (and/or your employer) are able to offer more to help keep this work accessible and equitable so that others can participate and we can continue to grow, please choose this price point. In doing so, you sustain our work and the ability of others to participate without having to ask.

  • SUPPORT:  If your participation requires a partial scholarship, please select this price point. 

If you are in a situation where your capacity to pay your essential bills would be compromised by any of the above options, please reach out to us. 


Beginning with our Biases

  • We begin with ourselves, and where our stories Intersect with our work as gender equity advocates. We step into our own biases, contemplating implicit bias, examining how it functions in our lives, how it influences communication and decision-making, and where it emerges in intersection with hiring and employment.

The Hiring & Employment Life-Cycle
  • We consider the multi-phased work of the hiring committee, and the various steps of the hiring process, as we imagine how to constitute these committees to effectively combat bias and strive for equity. As we reimagine this process, we consider our first strategies toward building equity Into our work through the makeup of committees, our questions and our planning and design.


Evaluating Language, Evaluating Ourselves
  • We engage in close textual reading as a tool to consider how language influences behavior, interact with biases, reinforce social and cultural norms and shift our behavior, using job descriptions as our primary text to lift up opportunities to create gender equitable Internal and external organizational processes.

Designing for Action
  • We uncover helpful, practical strategies for identifying challenges in hiring and employment processes, design templates for action, and effective ways to advocate for change, located in thoughtful, organizational strategy and a desire to create supportive, equitable workplace cultures.

Voices of Advocacy
  • We map out relationships and consider the roles we play in our organizations, through professional and lay relationships, power and connection, and images of leadership, all in an effort to consider how we as advocates have our own power to make change.

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