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In November 2019, The Gender Equity in Hiring Project attempted an experiment in collaborative transparency by inaugurating a salary sharing spreadsheet for Jewish communal professionals. 

In less than 6 weeks, over 700 individuals contributed their data. 


Our hope was to analyze and share this data so that individual members of the Jewish community would have a resource for benchmarking salaries and engaging in market research, in our communal reach toward pay equity--and for those organizations striving to create compensation philosophies as well. 

The pandemic, however, has given us pause--and opportunity to deepen our learning and understanding. We recognize that so much about our Jewish communal ecosystem has changed. 

You shared with us your enthusiasm about this experiment, and your desire to see the data and to learn from it. At the same time, you shared your anxiety about transparency, representing both individuals who understood that this may offer a challenge, and organizations not yet ready to be transparent with their compensation philosophies. 

We are grateful for your willingness to share in this experiment. We recognize that transparency is at the heart of what we all seek--and that striving for transparency in our organizational processes and in our conversations with one another is at the foundation of this work.




Learn with us:
An Invitation to Transparency Webinar

We're pleased to share some of the learning from our data-gathering experiment, and hope that you'll reflect with us and share your questions, too. This webinar was shared with our community in February as part of our effort to offer our learning back to the community, and invite conversation about what's next. 

To access the data please enter your email address below:

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