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We believe in the power of network. When two or more come together, we are stronger than when we are alone, and when we form partnerships and coalitions, we develop the powerful relationships that enable us to leverage what we have learned to do the work of making change.  None of our work stands alone. We begin with connection and relationship. 



All who complete our Gender Equity Advocates Workshop & Traning are matched with peers who will serve as their partners for ongoing learning, and with coaches and mentors who will serve as champions for their work, and support them in the difficult endeavor of making change. These two different levels of relationship will enable our network to evolve and to shape a powerful web of learning and potential as time passes.

Peer partners will be matched from within our cohorts.

Coaches and mentors from outside our network who are advocates and supporters of our work offer their expertise to help us move the needle.

Learning together will help to thicken our discourse and enable us to strengthen our advocacy work: we gather for social time in virtual coffees and learning time in virtual book club, both of which help us to nurture relationships that challenge us and anchor us in connection and research. 


If you are interested in serving as a volunteer coach, mentor or facilitator, please be in touch with us at


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Our Gender Equity Advocates, now over 170 strong, meet throughout in both synchronous and asynchronous gatherings, in pairs and in large and small groups. We will offer one on one paired peer partnership conversations in hevruta,  small group conversations on specific issues, and larger group dialogues. We will also offer private, asynchronous spaces for questions, conversation and relationship building as time allows.

We are inspired by our colleagues' advocacy in the field, and help them to be aware of the networks around them, as we support them to explicitly tap into energy for change as they strive to create more equitable workplaces. We support our network members by listening, helping people identify their interests and challenges, and connecting people strategically where there's potential for mutual benefit, and serving as a catalyst for self-organizing groups. GEiHP's responsibility is to cultivate a network of mutual support, as we increase individual and organizational capacity for change.

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