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Welcome to GE@W: the Gender Equity in Hiring Project's New Blog

The Gender Equity in Hiring Project is proud to announce our WE-blog. You may know that a blog was originally a “weblog,” as in, published on the web. We’re redefining our new blog by creating a community of writers who are a part of our Gender Equity Advocates Network and a wider network of volunteers, engaged deeply in our work: the WE in this blog. Our blog is straightforward and simple: we’ll be exploring the intersections of gender and equity in the workplace, specifically in the Jewish workplace. So we’ll be known as GE@W, for short.

Our blog is a space in which we’ll challenge ourselves to contemplate how we can change our Jewish professional ecosystem for the better. We’ll explore hiring, advancement and employment across the Jewish community, and how we might put our Jewish values of equity and justice into action as we build workplaces that tap into the very best of our talent and human potential. This blog is meant to help us contemplate the ways in which we might, as individuals and as a community, exercise our muscles to remove gender bias from hiring and employment processes in Jewish organizational life, all with the goal to help narrow and even eliminate the gender leadership gap. We believe that this will help to make each of our Jewish institutions, congregations, schools, camps and organizations stronger, better and better able to serve our people.

In our blog, we’ll offer our perspective, our recommendations, share our reflections and our concerns. We’ll engage with data, push ourselves to imagine a different future, and advocate for something bold and different: workplaces that are more just and equitable. We’ll also share other folks’ content where it aligns with ours, so that we can extend our learning. Last, this will serve as a platform for our advocacy work and a place where you as our audience can get to know some of our advocacy efforts that emerge from our working groups. In this space, and in partnership with you, we can amplify our voices and our capacity for doing great things together.

If you’d like to write a piece for Gender Equity @ Work, introduce yourself to us by sharing your idea, and the beginnings of your thinking and writing, with us by completing this form. We invite you to share a pitch that includes a paragraph summarizing your idea, and a short bio. Tell us why you are the person who should write this particular piece, and links to your previous publications (if applicable). You should expect a response within approximately 10 days.


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